Slug polished fixed

Slug 1 video :

This video was fixed using the feedback I received. Mike said about not having most of the scene empty and having the slug and cube the main focus, so I changed the camera angle to be over the shoulder of the cube. I also (as you can see) made use of the motion trail and then forgot to turn off its’ visibility before putting it into playblast.

I found the motion trail much easier to use than the graph editor for some reason. It is a nice thing to see the path of the slug as you move it.

Hence why I have two videos.

Slug 2 video :

This second video is basically the same as the first without the motion trail being a distraction.

The things that I fixed -aside from the staging and camera angles- was the slug’s initiation forward movement (I shortened it) then made the slug’s jump longer. It got rid of the floaty, fluid-like feeling as it moved through the air and I think it gives the animation a more realistic feeling.

I think it went well overall.

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