Experimenting with shattered typography

So, below are two further photoshop creations. Sort had broken up glass to create an alphabet that had a similar appearance to crystals, so I tried to do something similar in photoshop.

Original Creation
Original Creation

This is the first image that I created. The broken glass was a free image to download off of tinyurl, so I got that and then typed out “Brothers In Arms” (the name of Dylan’s poem), and rasterised the layer.

I then used the polygon lasso tool, to select sections of each character, then moved them away using the move tool.

Then, I duplicated the layer, selected all the fragments added shadow and an outline.

Using our colour scheme
Using our colour scheme

This was me trying to incorporate our sepia and blue colour scheme. Upon reflection, the shadow seems to strong and the background colour is actually more orange.

I used a yellow layer and brown layer with a grain to try and make it look old along with a gradient which goes from left to right and sort of works with the different shades of blue in the letters.

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