Trying to get stuff done

We had decided we wanted a multiple choice game, and each choice would effect the outcome that the player would experience.

But we had no actual plan as to how it was going to work.

Since we really wanted to not have the same problem of everything being left to the last minute as we did with the title sequence.

Despite that, nothing was happening. Edward wanted to wait for everyone to be there before any decisions were made, and since it was Thursday, we had to wait for their Life Drawing class to finish.

It seemed a bit pointless for us just to just be sitting there, so I decided to walk up to my school to see if I could get any notes from my ICT teacher on Human Computer Interaction which we had studied at A-level.

I managed to walk there (a distance of 1.1 miles), saw my ICT teacher who told me their printer was broken and she would e-mail me the notes, found a penny on her floor (which I got to keep) and then went round to see my Technology teacher too.

By the time I did that, and returned back to the university- nothing had changed.

2.2 miles – roughly 41 minutes – and about an hour talking…

So I decided to try and make some sense of this game and then present the idea to the group to see if we could come to a decision.

I worked it out mathematically so that each person would have three scenes to draw.


This original plan was so that I could see how the different decisions would split up to go to different scenes and as the game progressed then the outcome would be the same despite the users choice to result in two final outcomes, rather than continuing to grow exponentially.

I thought that we could possibly just change the text in the scenes so that it explains why the outcome occurs from the decision.

Then, I started trying to plan out what decisions could lead to the various outcomes.

Below was my attempts at coming up with different scenarios.



Who could draw what
Who could draw what

When the others came back we started to divide up the scenes, so that each person could draw three each.

I did also have another page where Sorcha and I tried to work out the logistics of the game, (you can see the original plan on the A4 page blue tacked to the whiteboard), and how the links would work because there was a few inconsistencies and that’s in my sketchbook.


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