More research for IMD

So, the CCEA website was back online- not sure when it went down but I was able to then go on and get the fact files with information on ergonomics and anthropometrics. I still haven’t been able to get my hands on my ICT notes on HCI (Human Computer Interaction) so I may end up googling information on it.

I cited the original Pokemon gameboy game, Lara Croft (the first game) and Professor Layton as influences in our game design. The inventory of the first Lara Croft where you go into her backpack seemed applicable to Ruby (our character) and a way in which she could transport the crystal; with the other games, they incorporate text into the game to add information as to what is happening; also with Professor Layton there are strong fully animated scenes to tie events together and it is down to the player to influence the game through their choices – like our game.

On a side note: I recall from playing Lara Croft when I was younger, that the colour scheme was pretty simple. Aside from the clothes that Lara wore, the main colours were grey with scatterings of green for the grass. It was overboard with colour and the sound used was very simple. The sound of the bear growling still makes me jump anytime I hear it, and the background music always foreshadowed an event about to occur whether it was the appearance of the bats or the wolves coming to get you, it always made me panic and run her into a wall when I was trying to get away.

I just thought it was an interesting observation.

Still the best game I ever played.


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