Sounds I Made

Below are the thirteen attempts that I made at creating a soundtrack for the title sequence that our group had to create.

[Soundtrack 1 ]

AnimaticSound1 :

AnimaticSound2 :

AnimaticSound3 :

AnimaticSound4 :

[AnimaticSound5 ]

[AnimaticSound6 ]

AnimaticSound7 :

AnimaticSound8 :

AnimaticSound9 :

AnimaticSound10 :

AnimaticSound11 :

AnimaticSound12 :

This was just a complete barrel of laughs to make! (That is sarcasm in action, it was enjoyable to a point and then… things happened).

Since I wasn’t able to come in on Wednesday, I offered to make the music for our title sequence. We had yet to agree on a final idea, but we had Dylan’s poem and the animatic to go on.

So, the main idea for the music/soundtrack was to have a sort of battle appropriate sound with a tinge of sadness.

Now… I am not musically gifted in any way shape or form.

For one of my music exams in school (before I gratefully dropped the subject to study business and technology- which we more much more enjoyable because I could actually do them), I played one of those little mouth things where you blow it and sound like an animal. (That was the height of my musical talent).

I do have amazing friends who are incredibly talented in that field, but they were all busy at that time to try and make any sort of decent attempt.

So I was on my own.

I discovered the handy little Apple Loops, and hoped I could just whack them altogether and… Voila!

But no.

I know resent respect people even more if they can play an instrument. I was only ever good at the drums (but I was five, and my mum got rid of them, so my recollection could be slightly warped- still convinced I could play the theme tune to Scooby Doo Zombie Island though).

What initially began as a collection of Apple Loops eventually evolved into something at least partially from my mind. I tried to have a base noise, then work my way up. My idea was to have it coming to a crescendo and then have a sudden ending, so it would be quite dramatic. I soon discovered it is rather difficult to do a drum roll on a computer keyboard, but I was glad that I gave it a go anyway.

The next challenge was to make it into .mp3.

I was at a complete loss initially and resorted to recording the audio from my computer speakers, using the computer’s microphone. (I warn you not to listen to the results with headphones in or with the volume turned up to high- it hurts!) This also resulted in my group freaking out because I was sending them my attempts and they thought that that was the quality of the sound, they were relieved to know it was just because I was just trying to send them something to work with, until I worked out how the software actually worked.

I finally discovered how to convert GarageBand files into .mp3 formats! I had just installed the Yosemite update on my mac so when I went to convert it to .mp3 (so I could import it into iMovie and upload it onto Youtube) everything had changed!

Everything that had been on the right was now on the left and… WHY?

How on earth is that supposed to help anybody do anything?

I was not too impressed as you can imagine.

Anyway, after that traumatic episode, I worked it out (or Google told me) and I then converted each file. Something strange happened to the fifth and sixth ones though (technically the sixth but I was ignoring “soundtrack 1” because that was painful.) When I played it in GarageBand it started freaking out saying it was overloaded (it clearly has no concept of what that little lexical item means) and so it is kind of static-y in parts. Then it started to crash the software anytime I opened them so that’s the best you are gonna get of it.

I am pretty impressed with the final product, if I do say so myself.


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