Introduction To Controlling Rigs



We were asked as a group to take control of this rig and create a common theme among ourselves. We originally thought of making it funny and call it the “h**ny worm” and there was a animation done of that that we were modelling after this Durex add 😛 –

Screenshot 2014-11-02 17.53.30

We were to make one section of the video and compile them, so each person got the worm trying to find the right partner as he humped each shape and here’s mine 😛

Screenshot 2014-11-02 17.59.15

Sadly we had to scrap that idea and make out own animations so we made the worm curious of the shapes that he is met with until he finds the one that he is interested in the most… more of a PG version of the events we were going for. I used squash and stretch whilst also using the rig controls to make the…

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