The finished video

I really like the music in this and the overall video.


So after toiling away for days on end we finally finished this video. The animation was completed by myself, the still battle images (and the editing) were completed by Matthew Hamill and the two stills near the end of the Lightsiders and Darksiders charging at each other were completed by Jennie McWhirter. The type used in the video was written up by John Hay.

Overall I am thrilled with the outcome, though I with I could have had more time to re-do the first few parts of the animation where the Lightsiders and Darksiders are stark black and white. I made their silhouettes a touch cute.

The critique we received was that the black and white look was very atmospheric and that it would have been preferable if it remained so throughout the entirety of the video. That would have meant just using the greyscale tool on the parts with…

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