The language

I think the best thing about all this is the fact that it’s simple and clean. You don’t have any unnecessary swirls or loops… It just looks great.


Myself and Matthew came up with our own written languages for the Lightside (Matthew) and the Darkside (me).

We were inspired by Tolkien Elvish and Circular Gallifreyan.

The Lightside Alphabet:


The letters work as follows:

Each empty circle (with lines and curves on the outside) represent a consonant, and vowels are worked into the letters by inserting the appropriate pattern within the inner circle.

For example:

b This is the letter B

a And this is the letter A

ba And this would be “BA”

And so, for example, the word BAD would look like this:


The shape of the Lightside language was influenced by the shape of the planet. The inner circle represents the planet’s inner core which is visible to all inhabitants as the planet it cracked. The outer lines represent the different plates or continents that orbit the inner core.

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