Titanic Artefact

First of all, I wanted to know what an artefact was exactly.


After that, I came up this quick sketch of a possible sculpture we could make that would symbolise a lot of the events on the Titanic.


Obviously you have graves for all the dead, the ship breaking apart showing money soaked in blood as the class divides meant that a lot of people perished due to their lack of wealth (we saw in the film that the steerage passengers were locked in), and the frozen hand reaching out which could either be used to represent Jack and Rose reaching across the class divides to each other, or a hand reaching out to be saved.

Conor did this pretty interesting piece which messes with my head a bit.

Work In Progress
Work In Progress

More ideas we had:

  • Make a miniature iceberg, put it in a tank overnight and record what happens (i.e) how it turns, floats and shrinks.
  • Make a life vest with sponge and cloth.
  • Acid tests on iron sheets
  • A waterlogged corpse (admittedly mine)
  • A 4D experience to recreate the sinking of the Titanic

Eventually we decided to make this lifeboat sign that Conor had found, and this was the end result.


Then when we were rehearsing the presentation with Conor, Aidan and I didn’t really feel it was enough, so whilst Conor was going over the presentation with Aidan again, I sketched out a few ideas for a painting.

Afterwards, we picked out on of the drawings to do and Conor, Aidan and I had Tasha take a picture for reference.

Reference image
Reference image

I then drew an outline of the hands for Aidan to paint over.


This was the final image. I added the text in Photoshop but unfortunately, Aidan didn’t have time to actually paint the text onto the painting.


So the idea was to then pair the two pieces together, and the lifeboat sign would then border the painting at the bottom.

The image itself was to show how Rose was chained to a future she didn’t want and was trying to reach out to Jack. It intends to highlight the irony of the statement “The ship of dreams” as in reality it was much more the “the ship of nightmares”.


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