Research II

Below is the research that I did for our second presentation. I read several books based around the anatomy of storyboards and different camera angles and techniques that filmmakers use. I made notes on them and shared them with the group so that we had an equal footing.

We all mentioned The Land Before Time as one of our favourite dinosaur films and this made me dig out my VHS of it and try to watch it. It kept flipping jumping which was frustrating but I did find out that the franchise is still going! Apparently a few more films are to be released soon, I knew there was a TV series that was going but I’m surprised that they are still making films of it.

I looked up different styles of dinosaurs, and dinosaurs that would have been alive at the time of the Cretaceous Era to see what the environment was like and what other species we could have as another character alongside our T-Rex. I do kind of want a Pterodactyl (specifically a Hatzegopteryx) but that isn’t really simple.

I also cited Rayman as one of our influences in the design of our characters as we now want our dinosaur to have floating feet.



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