Crime Chart

I read Visual complexity and liked the radial organisation chart, and decided to try and replicate it with the data we found on crime statistics that I got from the PSNI website. (In order to get the figures for crime in the city of Belfast I had to draw out the boundary of the city on the interactive map, and then it gave me the data.)

How I made it:

The circles are all actually to scale. I used Maya, created NURB circles and scaled them up to the percentages of each individual category of criminal activity that was conducted. Then I took a screenshot and drew over the image in Illustrator.

Scale diagram
Scale diagram

The five coloured circles represent the different types of crime and then the smaller, fainter coloured circles, represent the specific crime committed.

Completed diagram
Completed diagram

Crime Statistics:





Lima, M (2011). Visual complexity: mapping patterns of information. New York: Princeton Architectural Press. p1-264.

PSNI. (2015). Detailed statistics for Central. Available: Last accessed 3rd Mar 2015.


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