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Some research I did to try and find some inspiring material. Clare recommended the Terrahawks. The main ideas in all of these are that they are pretty simple in either design or story. The Ooglies don’t actually say anything, all they have is googly eyes and the sound basically makes it obvious how the character is feeling e.g. it makes little squeaks if it is scared. Kiwi is just fantastic in every way I think, sad ending though. Terrahawks is kind of creepy and reminds me of the witches from Doctor Who series 3. The Annoying Orange, well it’s pretty much self explanatory. It’s a simple concept, so if we try and keep the idea simple we should be grand.

Playing up on the asteroid and the dinosaur should be pretty good.

Television Programmes:

OOglies, Episode 1, (2009) TV, BBC1. 10 August. 1600 hrs.

Terrahawks, Episode 1, (1983) TV, ITV1. 3 October. 1530 hrs.


Boe, D. (2009). The Annoying Orange. Available: Last accessed 2nd Mar 2015.

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Here are the various items that i modelled for the building.

Tutorials that I used were:

Jacobsen, S. K. (2014). Modelling basketball in maya. Available: Last accessed 21st Feb 2015.

Basketball Hoop (part 10-49);
Horol, D. (2014). Maya Modeling Tutorial-Modeling Basketball Arena part 10. Available: Last accessed 3rd Mar 2015.

Tennis Ball;
Visualact. (2011). Autodesk Maya | Create a 3D tennis ball in less than 5 minutes. Available: Last accessed 18th Feb 2015.

NOTE: The basketball hoop tutorial is insanely long (39 videos around 50 mins each), and sometimes the guy makes mistakes and you have to wait for him to go back and fix them, I would advise not to do the mirror geography thing because he had to constantly go back and it whereas I just edited the entire base and cut out about half the time.

Starting off

Trying to find an idea for our animation I initially started listing idioms that we could maybe put an unexpected twist on them. Although we soon disregarded that avenue as we began listing different ways in which hard and soft could explored.

Initial Ideas
Initial Ideas

We could have characters being literally hard and soft, maybe hard and soft personalities, environments, or storylines… Somehow we ended up with dinosaurs being our main idea, (following the idea of a cookie in a glass of milk getting dive bombed by chocolate chip cookie and the chips streaking the water and disgusting the first cookie, a rock jumping off a cliff trying to be like a feather, a marshmallow meeting an early end and popcorn popping in a pan).

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Concept Ideas