Back to the drawing board

This is the whiteboard of work that we came up with when trying to deconstruct our story and understanding how, or if, it conveyed what we wanted.

Mike also helped us restructure the landscape so that we didn’t have to animate the dinosaurs walking. We also got rid of the other parasaurolophus as it was literally doing nothing except taking up space.

11051799_410892965747421_8421712459288687631_n 1378742_410892945747423_3802378316473155699_n 11065612_410892929080758_3008266390794424334_n 1477975_410892892414095_4112316754455749654_n 11159991_410892875747430_916439467153953072_n 11156149_410892849080766_2868609152830497311_n 18925_410892825747435_10244330687182157_n 11152695_410892812414103_3360636515219668747_n 11414_410892799080771_285103435579904444_n

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