Since my snakes have grown quite a lot I think it’s time to give them a bigger enclosure, but rather than buy a brand new one, I’ve decided to build on top of the existing structure, mainly because the space where it stored is rather limited and it would be difficult to find a vivarium that would fit.

I started with the easy bit, my granda got a bit of hardboard that will serve as the backboard in the vivarium and here is how it shaped up.

NOTE: You may be confused as to why the can says “Butterfly Deodorant”, and it is because I used to like playing with bugs- especially ants. One time when I was on holiday with my family, I was about 5, and we were at a restaurant. I sat on the floor and was playing with the ants, then one of the people that worked there came over and started spraying them and of course I started getting upset that he was killing my friends. My family tried to convince me that he was just spraying them in deodorant which I knew was rubbish because I could see them dying and I had seen the pictograph on the bottle that had a big red cross through a bug.

Mad Scientist

Initially I tried to make this model straight from this sketch.

Photo on 05-07-2015 at 21.23

With these as the result…

So I thought it would be better to plan the character out more thoroughly…

Character Turnaround
Character Turnaround

…and this is the initial result.

I also found a very useful article on how to produce brick textures fairly quickly, which I’ve cited it below, along with an article that told me how to create the lightening ball, however, when I was rendering the plasma ball it wouldn’t appear, so I converted the paint effect to a polygon which resulted in a big glowing blob. I went back to the previous file, lessened the glow, and converted it again, which resulted in a nice level of glow for the plasma, then I imported the scientist.



Final Result:


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