James Baker

  1. Medium sized companies are good to work for.
  2. Community is important, more important than a studio and there shouldn’t be happiness gained from other studios failing. Only friendly competition that drives progress should be had.
  3. Keep trying to improve yourself and your abilities
  4. Personal projects are important, even if it doesn’t come to anything, keep thinking of new ideas and stories as much as possible
  5. Paid jobs show what you’ve done, personal projects show what you can do
  6. Storyboard structure is taken from the script
  7. For Wall-E since there was barely any dialogue a lot of the scene would be drawn out in the storyboard, almost like a hand drawn animation, because of the amount of expression needed from the characters to convey what was to happen
  8. Voice of the crab in Finding Nemo
  9. Keep your passion, even if what it’s channeled into changes


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Karin Cooper

  1. Creature Supervisor for ILM (Industrial Lights and Magic)
  2. The industry is constantly changing
  3. Houdini would be good to learn
  4. Previous is vital
  5. Sometimes the men won’t believe that she knows what the problem is and waste time until they find out she was right all along
  6. That scene in TR took almost a year of planning and hard work to create


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Gavin Moran

  1. Aim to work in something that you enjoy and have a passion for
  2. Be polite and always try to create the best work you can
  3. If you get an interview, show that you can fit into the company
  4. Always keep your options open and don’t get stuck in one place
  5. Push yourself, don’t get complacent
  6. Learn Unreal Engine, Unity and whatever else you can get your hands on
  7. Your showreel should be 2 minutes of decent and entertaining work, don’t try and redo comedy scenes


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Gerard Dunlevy

1. Works primarily in advertising, more speedy, variety of projects and its harder for people to transfer back from film to advertising because people have a lot more time to work on a shot in film

2. Advertising enables you to try new things, lot of ambiguity with clients, they tend to just want something “awesome” or “unique”

3. It can be disheartening for work in film ending up on the cutting room floor, because you cannot share it publicly, you can only show it in interviews for a new job after stating that it’s not to be shared elsewhere

4. Got his first job at the Mill as part of an award for winning CGI Student competition

5. Its okay to feel like you aren’t really good enough to work in the job, as long as you fake it until you make it, just push on.

6. Expect long hours, especially at the start, to improve on your work and make sure you see the deadlines


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