Glenda Martin

Powerpoint (cut down): Animation Year 2.1

I took out some of the repetitive and unnecessary stuff. There’s a printed copy in my sketchbook.



(Kindly scanned by Jennie McWhirter before I got my own handouts)

Laura Livingstone

  1. VFX Supervisor
  2. Be persistent but not creepy
  3. Research the correct person
  4. Communication is vital between you and clients
  5. Research the company you want to work for
  6. Find someone, who’s work you admire, and meet them
  7. Being in the right place at the right time is important
  8. You have to be able to take feedback
  9. You also must be able to take into context the feedback
  10. Do the work that the client asks for, don’t go off and spend weeks on something they don’t want
  11. Don’t be an ass and take time off when there’s tight deadlines


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Showreel Notes


  • Keep it short no more than 2 minutes
  • Best work first
  • Have wireframe renders
  • Mention software used
  • Credit anyone else work and what you specifically did
  • Contact information at the end

Thoughts on Showreels we looked at

  • Mark Iozzi’s showreel was impressive but too long – the music fit it though as they were very grand landscapes
  • Ran Manolov’s showreel showed you all around the character and their topology but at times became repetitive
  • I thought Victor’s showreel was quite good about having the character’s modelled with dynamic poses, which made more interesting to watch and a better idea about the character, it was also interesting to see a textured version, and the close ups on the intricate detail were good to see


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