Showreel Notes


  • Keep it short no more than 2 minutes
  • Best work first
  • Have wireframe renders
  • Mention software used
  • Credit anyone else work and what you specifically did
  • Contact information at the end

Thoughts on Showreels we looked at

  • Mark Iozzi’s showreel was impressive but too long – the music fit it though as they were very grand landscapes
  • Ran Manolov’s showreel showed you all around the character and their topology but at times became repetitive
  • I thought Victor’s showreel was quite good about having the character’s modelled with dynamic poses, which made more interesting to watch and a better idea about the character, it was also interesting to see a textured version, and the close ups on the intricate detail were good to see


Hernandez, V. (2015). CGI Showreels HD: “Character Modeling” by Victor Hernandez. Available: Last accessed 2nd March 2016.

Iozzi, M. (2015). CGI VFX Showreels HD: “Showreel 2015 Montage” – by Marco Iozzi. Available: Last accessed 2nd March 2016.

Monolov, R . (2015). CGI 3D Modeling Showreel HD: “Demo Reel 2015” – by Ran Manolov The CGBros . Available: Last accessed 2nd March 2016.






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