Silver Ink

I found out that the is a company in Belfast working in VR, and I figured I’d give them a shot since I worked in VR last semester and it was pretty freakin’ cool.

I sent them a link to my website and mentioned some of my previous experience in VR so, we’ll see.

Their website has little in the way of 3D modelling but the 360 video is a pretty interesting area to look at as well, especially after one of the videos Edward showed me that had you looking out a helicopter and all around.

Knight Systems

I found out about two possible positions in Knight Systems that I could apply for, through the Recruit section on the Ulster University portal.

The first position was for a graphic designer and the second is for motion graphics, both of which would be used for the branding campaign for the new product they have created.

It would be paid for and last 8 weeks, so a good start to cutting into placement time.

I typed up an email and sent it in for both positions, so we’ll see how it goes.

Bell & Company

I emailed Bell & Company for the position of Digital Marketing Assistant.

I sent my CV and Cover Letter, then belatedly realised that I had sent the wrong application form. I sent the one for Knight Systems, and I clicked the cancel button too late.

I doubt I’m going to hear back from them, but on the plus side, I’ve come up with a new system to avoid such incidents having a repeat occurrence.

I’ve now got a folder for each job application on my desktop, so then when I tweak my cover letter for whatever position I’m applying for, I save it to the specified folder and avoid the risk of sending out the wrong one again.

It also helps me not save over what I’ve already written, because that also happened today, I’ll hopefully have more success with the Knight System’s post(s).

Sixteen South

Alec suggested I email Sixteen South with some of my work since they are starting a Claude the Dog TV series, and when I was down in Dingle at the animation festival I had met both of them, so I gave it a shot.

I sent them my website, showreel and a link to my other blog with the work I did on Claude.

I’ll see how it goes, I don’t hold out much hope since my showreel is mainly 3D models rather than 2D animation, but you never know.

Reflective Post

I found this model rather helpful in pushing me to present my work in a more cohesive manner.

I had been going from one project to the next and accumulating a body of work that was just getting filed away as I focussed on the next task I was given, rather than taking the time to assess the work that I had created and to work out which pieces best highlighted whatever skills that I have.

By actually looking through the work that I had, I was able to figure out what skills that I have, some of which I hadn’t considered before. For example, seeing the animation of my cubes has made me more interested in dynamics and seeing if I have a possible future there, so I would like to maybe practise that in my spare time.

Through having fixed dates to prepare our showreels and websites, it forced us to sit down and work at it, rather than doing little bits here and there. Having a set time to have it prepared by gave us a time frame to work with and then we had to structure how to effectively delegate our time to having them completed. I still need to spend more time polishing my showreel and adding more material, because I didn’t want to add in any renders that weren’t to a standard that I would be satisfied with. I intend to also add in more of my animation work too as Alec suggested.

I thought having the mock interview was quite helpful and definitely helped ease my mind about having to do an interview, even though I don’t think mine went so well, at least I’m able to learn from that. I was rather focussed on keeping my answers concise and not to ramble or go off topic that I ended up not elaborating enough.

With regards to having guest speakers telling us about their experiences in the industry, I found it rather interesting, if not a bit frustrating. As someone who prefers a clear plan of how to get things done, hearing the many different ways that people can get to their position is a quite challenging. Its rather ironic that I’m intending to enter an industry with such ambiguity around quite a lot of things, from the brief you can be given, to how to get to the job you want. It’s quite hard, but I enjoy it, it makes it that much more rewarding when you end up with the finished result.

The classes we had on doing our CV’s were essential for me, because I had never had any real idea on how to start one, and having it done in stages and looking up examples were great, however, the cover letter part was never really touched on, and so it may not be up to par with the CV. No one seemed really sure how to write theirs, or what exactly should be contained in it, although I didn’t really get any negative feedback on the one that I wrote so I must have done something right.



Link to my website:


  • Logical order
  • Minimal text – show it rather than spell it out
  • Contact form
  • CV to download
  • Showreel should be on it – first thing you see
  • Should be clean and not cluttered
  • Should clearly state the area you specialise in
  • Have a bit about you and your background
  • Social media links


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