Knight Systems

I went in to the town yesterday and found the building that I needed to get into today. Unfortunately there was construction going on so I couldn’t actually get over to the front door, but I knew where I had to go at least.

So how did today go? Well…

I got to the building 15 minutes early, and was followed in by a man who turned out to be the security guard, who noticed how slightly lost I was in the reception, so he let me know I needed to go to the fifth floor. I went to go up the stairs and then he pointed out the large elevator straight in front of me, so I went over rather than kill myself going up five sets of stairs with a huge folder.

As the doors began to close I noticed another guy heading towards the elevator and went to hold it open for him. The elevator did not oblige and instead shut on my hand and the guy had to prise the door open from the other side before joining me.

We headed up to the same floor and had a wee chat (look at that, communicating, that’s a learning objective right?) it turned out he knew Jonathan and let me into the room, which had a keypad on the door, and introduced me to Jonathan.

They were both impressed that I was early and I was let into a side room, while Jonathan sorted something out and then came to interview me.

I think the interview went pretty well, he liked my portfolio and showreel, as well as the book cover I’d design for someone else. Asked about my experience with After Effects and Premiere Pro, and I admitted I hadn’t used them all that much yet, but it was fairly straightforward to learn (it is right?), at least he was impressed with the graphic design and motion graphics concept I’d done.

He asked when I could start and I said Monday, which he seemed pleased with, and then offered to walk me out and while we were chatting about my interest in horror stories, the elevator struck again.

I could see the door closing, but it just didn’t register, and mid sentence I got whacked by the door and knocked into the wall, turning around I finished my sentence and found Jonathan trying to hold the doors open. He nodded and said goodbye.

I think I definitely made an unforgettable impression haha.


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