Knight Systems

I’ve got an interview for next Friday at 10am, for both roles.

So I’ve done some research on the business and I’ll go on a test run so I know where I’m supposed to be going, since my sense of direction is horrendous.


  • Knight Systems is a product design company (so keep my A-level product design coursework in my portfolio)
  • It was set up by Jonathan Knight, who used to do semi-professional mountain biking, and he won Ulster Bank’s Entrepreneurial Spark’s Hub
  • Previous products he has created are, “Alpine Kit” (a new cooling braking system for bikes), and “Speedview” (electronic roll-off screens for motocross googles)
  • Latest product is “CLEAVUE” a new reversing camera for trucks/lorries, that encompasses the technology from “Speedview” to prevent the cameras’ lens becoming dirty and unviewable, consequently increasing safety


Knight, J. (2016). Products. Available: Last accessed 2016.

Sweeney, J. (2016). The young executives driven to be a success: ‘My big asset is I’m great at solving problems’. Available: Last accessed 2nd June 2016.


Silver Ink

I received a very nice reply from the folks at Silver Ink, saying that they liked my work but needed more information about what placement would entail so I sent them the placement handbook we’re given and information on the NI Screen funding stuff.

They also stated that they are more video than CG but that’s alright with me.

Knight Systems

I got a reply from Knight Systems on both positions, yay!

For the Graphic Design post, Jonathan (the one in charge) wants me to create a  “visual concept of a new brand “iwantthatspace” think of it as an Airbnb for office space.” Also, I need to get my portfolio sorted.

For the Motion Graphics post, “visual motion graphics concept of a new brand “iwantthatspace””.