Week 0

John presented our sting.

I think it went well, I was remarkably impressed that all presentation did in fact keep to one minute or under, John, Julie and I were all slightly bewildered that we managed to finish early.

Maybe the first years will all be lucky and keep their presentations short and sweet.

Week 0

So we have finished the sting.

We got feedback from Mike earlier before I fixed the timing issue:

  • Good attempt, would have liked the concept
  • Spend more time on the logo, don’t really get a chance to see it
  • Move the logo down a bit to make it more centred
  • Squash the bottom bit (the text) maybe to let it be seen
  • Avoid branded items the BBC have to be seen as impartial
  • If you did it again now you probably would have done it differently (very true)

I rotoscoped around the spoon and used some of the other stills to cover up the jump that it does.

I somehow managed to have the speed increased in the live action part and through out the stop motion part, when trying to make the live action also stop motion. How this happened I don’t know.

I tried a few methods to convert live action to stop-motion- I tried to posterise the time, I tried to remap the time and I also changed the frame rate but that screwed up everything. In the end it was _ that sorted out the timing of the live action.

That being said, the stop motion wouldn’t go back to how it had been originally and therefore I had to re-render a few of the compositions and place the live action part in a separate comp and then bring them all together. This meant I also had to rotoscope the flipping spoon again, but that wasn’t too hard. I couldn’t get the zoom at the end to work right, so Julie did that in iMovie and then transferred it over to me, allowing our group to have a finished product.

Week 0

Stop motion animation, and the starting part will be live action.

All the props were assembled and we headed into Carl Junior, we set everything up and after lunch shot the scene.

Then we reshot it, because we made a few mistakes with the amount of movement and the overall chaotic movement of the different props.

Julie put the pictures on her computer but in iMovie the images were zoomed out compared the live action footage, so we put it on my computer since I had been trying to improve on After Effects since Knight Systems and it had been going pretty well.

I fixed the zooming issue pretty easily. On my computer it was actually zoomed away into the images, letting Julie know her camera was actually a lot better than we thought.

Then we noticed the jumping spoon. From the live action part where John set down the spoon, the next frame had the spoon flipped about 270°.

I figured it wouldn’t take me too much time to fix and said I’d do it tonight. Everyone was quite apologetic that they didn’t either have or know how to use After Effects so they couldn’t help out too much, but it wasn’t really a problem.

However, it turned out to be harder than I thought. I went home and worked on the footage for about an hour then headed over to the studio to work on Tex.

I got home about 9.30 and worked on it some more. I corrected the colour change between the live action and the stills, I also fixed the time so that instead of 28 seconds it was within the ten, and then added the BBC NI logo at the end.

To be honest, at the minute it looks horrible. I think we might need to shoot it again tomorrow.

Week 0

I was sick as a dog from Monday, and to be honest, probably shouldn’t be in Uni today, but… Sharing is caring right?

I found Greta this morning and she caught me up on what we’re doing.

  • BBC stings
  • Every group has a different time slot (my group is 6pm)
  • Between 7-10 seconds
  • Proportions of the BBC NI logo must not be altered
  • Logo must be in the centre of the screen

My group already settled on an idea when I found them and I think it’s pretty good.

Its tea leaves for the logo as the cup is drained.

Tonight was just making up animatics to illustrate the idea.

I also suggested another idea just to show we thought of other ideas, belatedly realised I hadn’t centred the logo and the window frame wasn’t helpful, and I also had to flip the building around because the colours were too dark for the writing to be seen.

Animatic one (group’s idea)



Animatic two (my idea)