Week 0

So we have finished the sting.

We got feedback from Mike earlier before I fixed the timing issue:

  • Good attempt, would have liked the concept
  • Spend more time on the logo, don’t really get a chance to see it
  • Move the logo down a bit to make it more centred
  • Squash the bottom bit (the text) maybe to let it be seen
  • Avoid branded items the BBC have to be seen as impartial
  • If you did it again now you probably would have done it differently (very true)

I rotoscoped around the spoon and used some of the other stills to cover up the jump that it does.

I somehow managed to have the speed increased in the live action part and through out the stop motion part, when trying to make the live action also stop motion. How this happened I don’t know.

I tried a few methods to convert live action to stop-motion- I tried to posterise the time, I tried to remap the time and I also changed the frame rate but that screwed up everything. In the end it was _ that sorted out the timing of the live action.

That being said, the stop motion wouldn’t go back to how it had been originally and therefore I had to re-render a few of the compositions and place the live action part in a separate comp and then bring them all together. This meant I also had to rotoscope the flipping spoon again, but that wasn’t too hard. I couldn’t get the zoom at the end to work right, so Julie did that in iMovie and then transferred it over to me, allowing our group to have a finished product.


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