First Animation: Ball


Things Learnt

  • Centred Anchor Point

When creating a shape (as I have experienced) the anchor points can be all over the show > go to the shape > double click the shape > it will create a shape the size of the comp

  • Create a Uniform Shape

Continuing on from above > go to the the (Specified)Shape Path 1 > Size > and then (on a mac) alt + double click the paper clip and it will make the shape a uniform size > then you can simply adjust the size to your needs

  • Drag object along axis

Hold down shift whilst dragging an object and it will stay locked on the x or y axis

  • Jumping to Keyframes

J – takes to previous keyframe and K – takes you to the next one

  • Copying Keyframes

(Like with the mouse in First Year, when I was trying to do this, I was clicking in the wrong place)

cmd+c on the keyframe you want copied and have the playhead over where you want the frame to go, then cmd+v

Harvard Citations:

MtMograph. (2013). Summit 1.1 – Intro to Motion Graphics – After Effects. Available: Last accessed 13th Oct 2016.


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