Fifth Animation: Map


Things Learnt

  • Create the map assets in Illustrator using separate layers for the separate items e.g. boat and land etc.
  • You should have 3 different illustrator files. The map, a file (the same dimensions as the map) but sliced into 5 different segments and a file with the leaflet at the end
  • Import the compositions (retaining layer sizes) into After Effects
  • First work on the comp with the slices. Parent each slice as follows; 5 is parented to 4, 4 to 3 etc. Then move the anchor points of each slice so they are on the edge of the slice joining it to the one on the right, however, 5’s anchor point is to the left
  • Make the layers 3D > go into top view > key the position of the layers and the rotation > move forward a few frames > use the y rotation on each layer to fold the map
  • Add a spot light off to the side to add shadow to the crease and an ambient light for the entire comp to light the shadows. Then lower the intensity, as it creates a white spot.
  • Go to the map comp and animate the boat by simply changing it’s position, I then added a wiggle expression to the rotation. Expression: wiggle(per second, degrees) I then played about with the values until I was happy with the result
  • Bring map comp into slices comp. Bring it below slice 1 (should be the bottom layer) > make map 3D > change track matte to Alpha Matte (map should then appear on slice 1)> parent map to slice 1. Repeat for remaining 4 layers ensuring the map layer is beneath the corresponding slice

Harvard Citations

MtMograph. (2014). Summit 38 – Animated Map Fold – After Effects.Available: Last accessed 14th Oct 2016.

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