Script Research

I found this site that was quite helpful in further elaborating on the design of a script and shooting script. So I’m debating on whether or not to also do a shooting script since I know in my head what camera angles I want to use already and it will be clear from the storyboard too (hopefully).


filmschoolonline. (2017). Script Format. Available: Last accessed 28 Nov 2016.

Script Analysis

I looked up an old script for an episode of Castle, to see how they went about writing the episode, as I always find the episodes come across pretty polished, compared to other shows *cough* Glee *cough*.

So I firstly focused on the language used, my A-Level in English coming in handy, and the language was fairly standard and it wasn’t of a high register or anything like that, but the  script had dotted quite a few references to either novels/films or nods to previous episodes which helped establish the world as more believable. The language for the characters was also quite revealing as it says “MARTHA swoops” and such a colourful way of detailing the character’s movement reinforces the dramatic nature of the character (she’s an actress) as she doesn’t simply enter a room.

The format was slightly different from the way it was described in the book. The dialogue was centred, there was only single spacing, the titles were underlined “ACT ONE” and “INT. CASTLE LOFT” and the transitions weren’t solely on the right side. That being said I found the format still served it’s purpose and helped to clarify exactly how the script should be set out, which should make it easier for me to write a script for my own thing.

My Analysis 

Castle Script Analysis

Plan of Action

I think my first step is to consider what type of film I want to make, by that I mean how it would be categorised in a festival. Would it be CGI, live action, 2D etc?

My first thoughts are that I want a mixture of 3D and 2D. Mostly because I enjoy modelling and have discovered a love of animating in After Effects. However, I thing it would be best to focus mainly on 3D and use After Effects to edit afterwards.

Furthermore, it gives me a chance to improve on a lot of aspects of work, I’ll get some experience in rigging, texturing, lighting, rendering and animating, along with getting to use different software.

That brings us to genre, ideally I’d like to do horror, as I love horror films. That being said, I think I should first settle on an idea before really nestling into a particular genre (or sub-genre). (*whispers* but it will be horror).

Right, so the next step I think is going to be settling on an idea.