Writing For Animation, Comics & Games

The Script Format: 5 basic elements

  1. Sluglines/Scene Headings
  2. Action Description
  3. Dialogue
  4. Parentheticals
  5. Transitions

The Basic Layout

  • Spacing : Double spaced for everything except the dialogue and action description
  • Font : 12pt Courier. Emphasise a word with CAPS or underline. Not italics or bold.
  • Margins : One and a half inches (the half is for binding) and one inch for top/bottom/right
  • Indents:
    • Sluglines/Action are on the left margin
    • Character name is 2″ from the left margin, 1″ from the right
    • Parenthetical is 1.5″ from left and 2″ from right
    • Dialogue is 1″ from left and 1.5″ from the right
    • Transitions are aligned to the right margin (or 4″ from left)
  • Numbering : The page number is in the upper right corner except for cover page
  • Act Breaks : each new act = new page

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