Answers to my Questions

These are the answers to the questions posed in my notebook;

  1. It is a psychological horror film
  2. The film can be any length shorter than 30mins depending on the festival
  3. Depends on the festival you are entering. Some are open to all kinds, whereas some have a particular theme.
  4. I’ve yet to truly figure that out- ask me later. Just kidding, have your idea, write the script (possibly with a character profile), plot what assets needed to be created, work out the most important tasks and what tasks need to be completed so that you can move on etc.
  5. 3D animation (hopefully)
  6. See the post on Script Format
  7. Basically… that its short. No, only joking, the story is generally paced much quicker, and there is a faster character introduction
  8. I need at least two humanoid characters, one bird, and also cars
  9. Insanity
  10. Depends on the festival, some are free, some aren’t
  11. See this post
  12. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll waste the petrol, because I’ll probably drive into the sea quicker than find anywhere that isn’t near a KFC
  13. The deadlines vary. I’m aiming for the one in February in Hamburg.
  14. Again, varies. Generally .mp4.
  15. Sound wise, diegetic might be best.
  16. Could try Sarah or Nesta to compose something.
  17. I’ll use Maya and After Effects mainly.
  18. See list
  19. Animating, rigging, lighting and sound. At the very least.

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