Crafting Short Screenplays That Connect

Part 1 Preparing to Write the Short Screenplay (p7-66)

  • Connect to purpose
  • Connect to self
  • Connect to process
  • Connect to screenplays
  • Connect to collaboration

Writing For Animation, Comics & Games

The Script Format: 5 basic elements

  1. Sluglines/Scene Headings
  2. Action Description
  3. Dialogue
  4. Parentheticals
  5. Transitions

The Basic Layout

  • Spacing : Double spaced for everything except the dialogue and action description
  • Font : 12pt Courier. Emphasise a word with CAPS or underline. Not italics or bold.
  • Margins : One and a half inches (the half is for binding) and one inch for top/bottom/right
  • Indents:
    • Sluglines/Action are on the left margin
    • Character name is 2″ from the left margin, 1″ from the right
    • Parenthetical is 1.5″ from left and 2″ from right
    • Dialogue is 1″ from left and 1.5″ from the right
    • Transitions are aligned to the right margin (or 4″ from left)
  • Numbering : The page number is in the upper right corner except for cover page
  • Act Breaks : each new act = new page

Film Directing Fundamentals

Part 1 Learning How To Draw (p3-76)

  • Film Grammar has 4 rules: 3 are spatial orientation to draw the audience in to the action.

180° rule – any framed right to left (or left to right) relationship between a character and an object/other character

30° rule – “going form one shot of a character or object to another shot of the same character or object without an intervening shot of something else, the camera angle should change by at least 30°.”

Disobeying this calls attention to the camera but Hitchcock’s The Birds used it for dramatic effect, each shot getting closer to the face.

  • Spine – refers to films main action and character(s) main action
  • Camera Variables: angle, image size, depth of field, motion, focus and speed.
  • Subjective camera shows your character’s perspective
  • Draw up a shot list and storyboard. A prose storyboard is also helpful, each sentence describing a shot.