Just taking stock of what I’ve achieved so far and what’s left to accomplish going forward

Christmas Presents

I got two books that will be brilliant for getting this short done.

I’ve also started to wonder if whether or not to do a little series of animations. Just a thought.

I’m going to get started back to work on Wednesday.

Reference Images

I looked up middle America to get inspiration for the design of my town. I’m really trying to set up the town, initially, as picturesque and quiet which is often how the American dream is kind of pitched. “White picket fence…” and all that.

House Reference


Source: Cain, S. (n/a). House on Corner. Available: Last accessed 20th Dec 2016.

(I did notice this site actually seemed that it might be useful in the future as a way to sell some artwork, it had sections for illustrations and animations amongst a variety of other sections)

Town Church Reference


Source: Helbling, A.K. (2014). Rock Dell Lutheran Church. Available: Last accessed 20th Dec 2016.

Street Reference



Source: Marcy, T. (2012). Small town America – Petersburg, IL. Available: Last accessed 20th Dec 2016.

Bench Reference



(I don’t know why but I just get a 404 when I follow the link to the bench’s site)