Camera Plans

Changed my mind. I’ll do a quick run down of the camera angles/shots I intend to use during the short film, just on the off chance that I would forget which wouldn’t be like me.

Shot No.    –   Camera Action   –    Reason

Shot 1: Wide shot, pan down – Setting the light atmosphere

Shot 2: Wide shot – Showing the idyllic setting

Shot 3: Wide shot – Establishing the town centre

Shot 4: Mid-shot – Introducing the main character

Shot 5: Long shot – Highlighting staggered walk

Shot 6: Wide shot – Establishing the row of houses and which one Malcolm owns

Shot 7: High angle, tilt – Creating a feeling of unease and the idea that something is wrong

Shot 8: POV, rapid panning (left to right) – Malcolm looking around the room

Shot 9: High angle – Sustaining the uncomfortable atmosphere

Shot 10: Wide shot – Showing the difference in environments

Shot 11: POV, giving the appearance of steadicam as Malcolm runs – Malcolm’s terror

Shot 12: CU, then zoom out to Mid-shot – Conveying Malcolm’s sudden idea

Shot 13: High angle – Creating tension and dread

Shot 14: Low angle – Should be inspiring disappointment

Shot 15: Long shot – Revealing Malcolm’s fate

Shot 16: Wide shot – Setting up the dark atmosphere

Funnily, enough actually writing this down has helped me develop a clearer idea of how each of the storyboard panels should look. Now I just need to actually stick to it.



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