Main Competitors:


  • Mostly text heavy
  • Little in the way of animation
  • Good quizzes


  • Created in 2013
  • No animation
  • Spelt “periodic table” wrong in the Chemistry section (being slight nit-picky)
  • Had a selection of exam boards to choose from AQA – SATs
  • Explained concept after questions- bit odd
  • Options to become a tutor online
  • Web or App
  • Free


  • See below


  • Little animation


  • Free

Main Issue:

Connan suggested that I have a look at Khan Academy, upon doing so I have realised that I have essentially created that with the addition of animations. Examining the site, I cannot really see how I could improve it, it covers a range of topics, explaining¬†them in a very clear manner, and there are also reward badges for achieving different levels of understanding. This leads me to believe that my idea for a business isn’t all that feasible when Khan Academy is free and already does what I was aiming to do.

Harvard Citations:

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BMC Feedback

My BMC iterations should be with my red notebook.


  • Rather juvenile approach i.e. surface deep research
  • A lot more detail is needed
  • Presentations will be marked next time
  • Present the business with much more detail i.e. have your assumptions tested
  • Look at Khan Academy- the site and the TED TALK
  • Focus down onto a particular subject to test it on – chemistry is often a subject teachers remark on children having difficulty with, maybe focus on a certain topic e.g. ionic bonding to start
  • Molly mention Spoonflower as a cheap way to get merchandise

Books to Read:

  1. The Long Tail
  2. Purple Cow
  3. Tipping Point
  4. Tribes
  5. Influence
  6. Principles of persuasion
  7. The four hour work week
  8. Guns, germs and steel