Main Competitors:


  • Mostly text heavy
  • Little in the way of animation
  • Good quizzes


  • Created in 2013
  • No animation
  • Spelt “periodic table” wrong in the Chemistry section (being slight nit-picky)
  • Had a selection of exam boards to choose from AQA – SATs
  • Explained concept after questions- bit odd
  • Options to become a tutor online
  • Web or App
  • Free


  • See below


  • Little animation


  • Free

Main Issue:

Connan suggested that I have a look at Khan Academy, upon doing so I have realised that I have essentially created that with the addition of animations. Examining the site, I cannot really see how I could improve it, it covers a range of topics, explaining¬†them in a very clear manner, and there are also reward badges for achieving different levels of understanding. This leads me to believe that my idea for a business isn’t all that feasible when Khan Academy is free and already does what I was aiming to do.

Harvard Citations:

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Presentation One

PDF: BMC_Presentation


  • Correct – there is no business here and animation would just be more expensive too
  • Find something else to do i.e. join up with someone
  • Failed in terms of no business but succeeded in proving the point of the exercise through recognising the it was futile to continue

BMC Feedback

My BMC iterations should be with my red notebook.


  • Rather juvenile approach i.e. surface deep research
  • A lot more detail is needed
  • Presentations will be marked next time
  • Present the business with much more detail i.e. have your assumptions tested
  • Look at Khan Academy- the site and the TED TALK
  • Focus down onto a particular subject to test it on – chemistry is often a subject teachers remark on children having difficulty with, maybe focus on a certain topic e.g. ionic bonding to start
  • Molly mention Spoonflower as a cheap way to get merchandise

Books to Read:

  1. The Long Tail
  2. Purple Cow
  3. Tipping Point
  4. Tribes
  5. Influence
  6. Principles of persuasion
  7. The four hour work week
  8. Guns, germs and steel