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Week 2: Feedback

  • The plant people were still a bit too tethered to humans.
  • Mainly due to the origin idea that Siobhan had, where they escaped from Earth
  • Need to be more out there

Week 2: Build A World

Week 1.

We were told to “build a world”.

That was it.

So… that’s what we tried to do. (Oh, and keep it as far away from humans/our world as possible).

I ended up doing the research about what a world actually is. I went to my dictionary from the fifties thinking that it would be closer to the etymology of the word “world” so it would give a truer definition, and I also looked up words associated with worlds, such as “planet”, “star” and “celestial”.


Then I came up with various initial ideas, which are highlighted in yellow. (The red is the individual elements that made up the plant world idea).

Initial ideas and research
Initial ideas and research

Courtney came up with most of the anime based ideas and curly world, Tasha and I shared the same taste in TV and games, so most of the ideas were zombie related, on the dark side, or related to games.

Greta was more into the scientific constraints of the world but came up with a doughnut, plants and something else that I can’t remember the other thing, but Siobhan loved it and created a world to two warring plant people and you can see their drawings below.

Siobhan and Greta concepts
Siobhan and Greta concepts

After we did that, we then started doing more developed concepts. I came up with the supernatural world, which Tasha developed further by coming up with the hierarchy of society.

There was the world on the human body, which Courtney drew the little germ that would live on it.

There was the planet that was a also a ship that went around sucking life from other worlds which Tasha developed into a pirate planet which was pretty cool.

Tasha and I then came up with several other worlds that were slightly less developed but based of things we both thought were investing like the “mutant world”, and “opposite world”. (The blue parts were Tasha’s and the green is a combination of our work).

Developed Concepts
Developed Concepts