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World-destroying aliens

Stephen Cole


Some ideas for the aliens that make their planet uninhabitable. I was thinking that they could be shaped like meteors themselves

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Presentation 2 – Meeting the Crystal People

So after swapping projects and mixing about teams, then picking out what we believed to be the strongest concepts and furthering them, we had to do a presentation about it.

Presentation : Building A World 1

Our approach to the presentation was pretty much the same as the last. We looked over the presentation that I created and split up the number of slides.


  • Shannon’s ship was well received
  • It would have been nicer to see how the rooms would be used
  • The reflection in the “social room” floor should be angled
  • Good use of tone
  • Ship physics- a large ship and a small ship would move at the same speed as there is no drag (Stephen simply knew this so we didn’t cite anything for it), in future we should show research for this, to prove the point.
  • Some drawings were not 16:9
  • It could use a map to show the different levels of the ship and where the rooms are

Week 3: Build A World

This week we were introduced to perspective and tasked with illustrating life in the world we were working on using it.

We had been moved teams, so now Stephen, Clare, Molly, Aiden and I were working on the crystal planet.

More work
More work
Wall concepts 1
Wall concepts 1
Wall concepts 2
Wall concepts 2

So, we go a lot of possible concepts to work with, and we chose to use the crystal people.


  • We liked the concept designs from the previous group
  • It was well developed so we had a good basis to start with, yet there was still a lot of room for us to take in whatever direction we wanted
  • The crystal world seemed to be the best why in which to incorporate a “steampunk” style, which Stephen is quite good at