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First Attempt on a Graphics Tablet

Flippin’ brilliant!


This was my first ever attempt at using a drawing tablet so personally I don’t think its the best but I had to start somewhere. I used a tonal range on a separate layer so that I could use that for swabs when I needed a different shade, which I found to be a big help also in speeding up the painting process. I also played around with the different features of the pen such as sensitivity impacting thickness of the line and the opacity, flow and hardness of the brush for different textures.

Screenshot 2014-11-02 23.17.01

I also looked at game characters from “Skyrim”, that were very organic as we though about making the people out of stone and crystals.

Spriggan_detail                                 Spriggan


However, the others in my group decided to go for a more conventional alien creature, but to make…

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A cool illustration of a road and yet… It looks edible. I think I have a problem. At least it’s related to a Candy world… maybe that’s why I’m hungry.


I had to keep thinking about composition in  the Typography Animatic; so whenever I was making the clouded sky background scene I thought about the actual colours reflecting the bright colours of the candy:

background detailsBut!!!… another idea that we had was to make vehicles and such out of candy as well which would reflect the world they live in, similar to how everything in the Lego Movie is Made of lego, or everything in the Candy Land in Wreck it Ralph is made of some form of sweet confectionery:



Then I also considered the vehicles to be all broken down after the apocalypse, and I thought that adding in a helicopter perhaps may also look good to show where the parachute character actually jumped from:


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Presentation 3 – Fixed version

This is the Crystal world developed more.

We took on board the feedback and tried to incorporate into this presentation.

  • There was more research
  • We created a backstory for the planet
  • Tried to show the rooms in use, and adhering to composition
  • We also tried to keep all concepts 16:9
  • And we also made a map of the ship, to help to place where the rooms would be

Presentation : Build A World 2

Same approach to the presentation as before, we split the slides between ourselves and then jumped in if any details were left out. Stephen was quite good at chipping in additional details about the ship.

You may notice that each of the Crystal world presentations have a blue background, I did this so that I could tell which presentations were related and as the project developed I made the world get progressively darker.

Week 4: Build A World

Still on the crystal world, we were introduced to composition.

So again, we had to illustrate the world but considering composition which involves the rule of thirds, the golden ratio and depth (so how things are positioned in the scene to give perspective and how they relate to each other).

I made notes on composition and the tasks that we carried out in my sketchbook.

Initially, I didn’t really grasp the concept of the rule of thirds but after Mike explained it to me for the third time, I got it.

Now, this the work that we did in order to convey our world through composition. I did some sketches in my notebook, but I didn’t think they really matched the style in which the others were able to draw in.