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This is the animatic that we ended up with.

We think that’s it is really quite funny and hopefully, it’ll go over well. Especially as it ended up being several seconds short and we had to stretch the scenes to fit the 90 seconds.


Presentation 5 – Animatic

It was at this time that Shannon was changing her name to Molly. Or Molly was changing her name from Shannon. Not entirely sure of the most respectful way to put that.

Well, I’m not the most tactful person, but I’m trying to improve so I didn’t exactly want to ask Molly what her name was despite my confusion, so I called her Disney Princess on the presentation.

She was quite appreciative of my solution and confirmed that her name was in fact Molly now.

So, I’m no longer confused.

So it is all good.

Presentation : Build A World – 4

I did a script again and this time it was read.

Here it is:

“My slides

1. Title

2. We were given the task to create a ninety second animatic based on the split world and try not to make it have a predictable plot.

So we thought about where to start, and thought about how the group that had this world before us felt like we had lost a lot of their work, so we went back to their presentation and then managed to find the one from the week before that which had a clearer explanation of how their world worked.

3.So once we had a more defined idea of the world and it’s inhabitants, we started to think of possible plots.

We quickly decided that we wanted interaction between the conflicting sides to occur and tried to think of different scenarios in which that would occur, some where annual like they met up for an olympics type event, and others were surprise attacks.

We ended up decided on a rather comedic start.

Molly your slides – does not have to word for word as long as you get the gist

4.We discovered that the previous group envisaged the darksider’s as somewhat of a mining community that basically drilled into the plates.

So we thought that when they drill down, they drill through the plate causing the plate to spin on the drill bit and that’s how the two sides of the planet are joined.

The we had to decide on what would happen when they interacted.

5.We quickly dismissed the ideas that involved the sides getting into a physical altercation as that is rather over done and we wanted something unexpected to happen.

So again, we went in the comedic direction.

Some of our favoured options was their version of wife swap, a murder mystery where both sides join together to find the culprit, and a monster movie. Like their luminous mushrooms grows legs or something and storms off.

6.We eventually decided on a dance off as a way to end the animatic, there was also the idea to incorporate a Romeo and Juliette aspect to it.

Once we had a rough idea we started to mock up storyboards.

Stephen your slides – again not word for word just the general idea

7.We then went into detail as to what was going to occur in the story, detailing which parts would draw the main focus and how we wanted each aspect to be composed.

Then we divided the storyboard up into different sections that we each could go through and illustrate after we had a clear idea of the structure of each part.

8.Once we did a quick story board to show how we wanted the animatic to go, and to check that it could work well, we then started on the list of shots/scenes to be completed.

We tried to ensure that when the shot/scene? changed, that the audience’s eye would have to jump around the place, we wanted the images to flow coherently and therefore be easy to follow.


9.After we ensured that we had the right idea with the story board we did some mock ups of possible styles to use and then we decided how we wanted to proceed in terms of who was going to do what.

10.We weren’t overly sure how to illustrate the dance that we wanted our characters to perform and therefore we looked up the key points of the Gangnam style dance.

Then we illustrated the poses our characters would do using the tip sheet as a guide.

Tasha slides

11. After we established the style of drawing we then started to draw the outline of the scenes before passing them on to be refined, then placed in the animatic

12. Bibliography”


  • Composition- some of the images weren’t the same size
  • It was a bit of a let down
  • There was an expectation of a bigger reaction from the lightsiders
  • Perspective was a little weird
  • Should have maybe extended the gangnam dance

Storyboards, and Sketches

So this was some more planning, my redrawn image of the creatures standing around the drill, the image from the previous group’s powerpoint of a darksider and a concept of the disco room.

Below is the storyboard that Tasha had drawn up. It’s pretty easy to tell what’s going on; the Darksiders become curious and venture forth, the Lightsiders party unaware of the incoming creatures, and then the Darksiders spot the Light building. (There’s also a cool creature sketch).

This is Stephen’s pig, which he drew from the previous groups presentation in which they had little furry creatures resembling pigs, which we thought looked pretty awesome and wanted to use.

Stephen's Pig
Stephen’s Pig