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The language

I think the best thing about all this is the fact that it’s simple and clean. You don’t have any unnecessary swirls or loops… It just looks great.


Myself and Matthew came up with our own written languages for the Lightside (Matthew) and the Darkside (me).

We were inspired by Tolkien Elvish and Circular Gallifreyan.

The Lightside Alphabet:


The letters work as follows:

Each empty circle (with lines and curves on the outside) represent a consonant, and vowels are worked into the letters by inserting the appropriate pattern within the inner circle.

For example:

b This is the letter B

a And this is the letter A

ba And this would be “BA”

And so, for example, the word BAD would look like this:


The shape of the Lightside language was influenced by the shape of the planet. The inner circle represents the planet’s inner core which is visible to all inhabitants as the planet it cracked. The outer lines represent the different plates or continents that orbit the inner core.

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Need a title for this

I need to make my own font. I’ve done it twice before and I keep losing the paper that I write the translations down on and end up with all these symbols labelling things and I don’t know what they mean.


The Darkside alphabet: (created by me and written out good by John Hay)


The insertion of vowels into each word works the same as the Lightside alphabet, whereby we insert the vowel into the consonant, however the letters are used phonetically, unlike the Lightside letters. For instance, if I wanted to spell the word “cat” I would use a K instead of a C.

Unlike the Lightside alphabet, more than one vowel can fit into each consonant, for instance, in the Lightside alphabet, if you wanted to write “rai” you could have to split it into “ra-i”, but in Darkside it will be one letter:


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Experimenting with shattered typography

So, below are two further photoshop creations. Sort had broken up glass to create an alphabet that had a similar appearance to crystals, so I tried to do something similar in photoshop.

Original Creation
Original Creation

This is the first image that I created. The broken glass was a free image to download off of tinyurl, so I got that and then typed out “Brothers In Arms” (the name of Dylan’s poem), and rasterised the layer.

I then used the polygon lasso tool, to select sections of each character, then moved them away using the move tool.

Then, I duplicated the layer, selected all the fragments added shadow and an outline.

Using our colour scheme
Using our colour scheme

This was me trying to incorporate our sepia and blue colour scheme. Upon reflection, the shadow seems to strong and the background colour is actually more orange.

I used a yellow layer and brown layer with a grain to try and make it look old along with a gradient which goes from left to right and sort of works with the different shades of blue in the letters.

Experimenting with my negative typography

So this is some more experiments that I did with the “negative” version of my typography. I left a space available for Sorcha to insert her font with the lines of Dylan’s poem. However, as I said before we ended up disregarding this idea.

I really just experimented with different filters in photoshop, the main aim was to create a good strong contrast between the blue typography and the line of writing which we didn’t insert. The inserted lines of poetry (written by Dylan) were going to be in focus to ensure that the audience knew what they had to focus on.

Other Typography Experiment

When Sorcha and Christian played about with fairy lights in the bowl of water I had an idea. Christian had flipped the video into negative- which I thought looked really awesome so I decided to do that with the typography that I created.

My idea was that the typography could appear and flash between transitions (it looked pretty cool) but the group decided to go in another direction.

The video below illustrates the idea that I had, and also, it incorporated Dylan’s poem about the world. The quote from David Carson in Helvetica “don’t confuse legibility with communication” was in my head, so I wanted to depict the typography of the crystal people to reflect their physical capabilities to actually write something down. I deliberately avoided creating a font that was over-the-top ‘fancy’ so it didn’t have swirling and looping components, instead it was rather jagged.

Whilst a more formal and elegant typeface would reflect the crystal race’s higher intelligence, it did not reflect their barbaric culture of battling to the death, and also since their hands are rather clumsy in appearance, I also figured it would be difficult for them to actually write in an elegant fashion.

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Typography Animatic Experiment

I had the idea that we could perhaps compose all of our images from text – the saying “a picture paints a thousand words” was swimming about my head- so that’s what I attempted to do.

i ended up having to put colour behind the text because it was making my eyes feel like falling out because the contrast was too strong.

Video link :

Typography colour scheme experiments

I used the alphabet that Sorcha had created (by arranging smashed up glass into the various characters) and simply played with the different blending modes on the layers to see what different outcomes we had. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and I really love the black background with red lettering, but t doesn’t really fit with the sepia colour scheme that our group decided upon and which is most commonly associated with the Greek-Roman style, which fits with our gladiatorial crystal race.