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Other Typography Experiment

When Sorcha and Christian played about with fairy lights in the bowl of water I had an idea. Christian had flipped the video into negative- which I thought looked really awesome so I decided to do that with the typography that I created.

My idea was that the typography could appear and flash between transitions (it looked pretty cool) but the group decided to go in another direction.

The video below illustrates the idea that I had, and also, it incorporated Dylan’s poem about the world. The quote from David Carson in Helvetica “don’t confuse legibility with communication” was in my head, so I wanted to depict the typography of the crystal people to reflect their physical capabilities to actually write something down. I deliberately avoided creating a font that was over-the-top ‘fancy’ so it didn’t have swirling and looping components, instead it was rather jagged.

Whilst a more formal and elegant typeface would reflect the crystal race’s higher intelligence, it did not reflect their barbaric culture of battling to the death, and also since their hands are rather clumsy in appearance, I also figured it would be difficult for them to actually write in an elegant fashion.

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Typography Animatic Experiment

I had the idea that we could perhaps compose all of our images from text – the saying “a picture paints a thousand words” was swimming about my head- so that’s what I attempted to do.

i ended up having to put colour behind the text because it was making my eyes feel like falling out because the contrast was too strong.

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Typography colour scheme experiments

I used the alphabet that Sorcha had created (by arranging smashed up glass into the various characters) and simply played with the different blending modes on the layers to see what different outcomes we had. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and I really love the black background with red lettering, but t doesn’t really fit with the sepia colour scheme that our group decided upon and which is most commonly associated with the Greek-Roman style, which fits with our gladiatorial crystal race.

Typography sketches

Honour typography with colour
Honour typography with colour

To the right is my first typography drawing. I had the idea of composing images solely of typography, based of the saying “a picture paints a thousand words” and that was the result.

I sketched the dark background first (which is supposed to look brushed to give the feel of the crystal moving through the air) and then overlaid it with text, then added the crystal with honour inside of it. I embossed the word “honour” so that it would have a rougher feel and sort of reflect the harsh nature of the crystal planet civilisation.

Honour typography
Honour typography

The image to the left is the same drawing only without the white crystal shape behind the word honour. The first image was to act as a point of reference to show that the word was supposed to be the weapon in case the idea was unclear from this second image.

I tried to see it from the audiences’ viewpoint, to find out if the idea translated correctly but I wasn’t initially sure, however with the addition of my later drawings it became more apparent what my idea was.

Rough sketch
Rough sketch

This image was my guiding sketch. I did a quick sketch to work out the composition of my image and possible colours for the creatures.

I also tried to add in perspective so that you could see the distance between the two warriors. I think it worked rather eel, even though the colouring was rather crude, but it gave me the general shape of the creatures which was helpful.

Pure typography
Pure typography

This was then my resulting image when I composed it using only typography. I also used lexical fields that were associated with battle (in the background), victory (for the blue creature) and defeat (for the green creature). Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to look at, especially with the dark background writing conflicting with the white space, so I chose to add in some colour to ease the strain.

Typography with colour
Typography with colour

So this was the result of me reintroducing the blocked colour into the image.I don’t think that it detracts from the image itself, and actually helps with the legibility of the writing, which is a matter of opinion as to whether it matters or not that you can read it. I believe it does as it helps you to understand what is occurring i.e. the green creature is being defeated by the blue one, but David Carson may disagree.

Video Link :

I exported several .jpeg images to Windows Live Movie Maker in order to create a short animatic to illustrate my idea more clearly to the group and it turned out better than I expected. I was just going from memory as to where I moved the individual layers to but it lined up pretty well, however, there is a discrepancy as to where the hole appears when the spear stabs through the green creature’s body.

I tried to keep in mind what Mike said about the composition and not having the eye jumping around when the camera changed. So when the crystal flew through the air, I tried to keep it in the same place -even though the perspective shifted to behind the creature – before I moved it again.