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This is an extract from the Animator’s Survival Toolkit, which I tried to apply to my own storyboard that I created in response to feedback.


This is a link to a tumblr post all about “Bouncing Ball Reference”.


Citation :

[timiani106. (2012). Bouncing Ball Reference. Available: Last accessed 12th Oct 2014.]

Third – and final – Bouncing ball attempt

So this my final go at the bouncy ball.

I used the motion trail to have the arc of the ball realistic, so each bounce had exactly half the peak height, and the ball slows as it travels forward.

When the ball hits the ground I exaggerated the squash of the ball to give it some sort of personality and to make it a little funnier.

I also discovered how to add colour to the ball and the ground.

Video :

I may have perhaps made the ball speed up too quickly when it disappears over the edge, but I like it.

Second Second Maya Attempt

This was my attempt at making my bouncing ball animation slightly more complex.

My initial idea was to have the ball bouncing across the platform, splat against the wall and then slide down it. However, I found that whenever I was trying to squash the ball against the wall I somehow managed to turn it into a rugby ball. (This may have been due to the angle my camera was at or possibly because I was using the wrong axis to manipulate the ball).

I then decided to just have the ball wedging itself into the wall as a compromise.

I found that when the ball initially goes to strike the surface of the platform it slow almost to a stop before squashing, making it look rather unnatural.

I think if I removed a frame then it would speed up the movement of the ball and make it more natural.

Click the link to view the video :

First Maya Attempt

This was my first attempt at using maya. This was for our first assignment of Design Discourse 1, which was to create a bouncing ball. I thought that it was a bit simple to just have a ball bounce across the platform, so I decided to try and make it a little more complex after understanding the basic commands of the software.

Click to see video of the ball :