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Carl Legman evaluation

How cool is this? I’m glad we ditched us doing this as our group animation, I don’t think any of us could have touched this.


Do not diss the camera zoom. That had me nearly wetting myself with laughter (gets slapped for blowing own trumpet again)

I actually really liked how this ended up. His movements are calm and inquisitive at the beginning and then sharp and frantic when he spots Wormy. Though there are a few issues with the antenna and his knee I think overall it gets the job done of exploring basic mechanics in a one-legged character.

The blood splatter, background and camera swoop were just funny little extras I played around with, though I think the zoom really adds to the humour and the effect I was going for in the last second. The slight glance upwards of the character was mean to be a visual representation of “oh crap what have I done I just killed a man” and I think the camera accentuates that feeling.

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Carl Jr – Fixed

So, I corrected the issues that I had last time and this is the result.


I think it went better this time, I’m still not entirely sure where I went wrong with it last time, but whatever it was didn’t come up this time.

I like how the camera angle changes (I also zoomed in so that you could actually see the animation), although there is still a bit of a lag on the descent, I’m happy with it.

You can see how the little ball pushes forward with it’s head and the tail just follows it, and the little antennae bobs along with the leg’s movements.

Leg Attempt 2

So, I tried to fix the momentum problem…


As you can see from the video, I ended up with a few other issues.

  • I was too zoomed out, so it was hard to see the ball.
  • The leg is a bit slow when jumping on the diving board.
  • The jump isn’t realistic as it the leg hovers in mid air, instead of continuing to fall.
  • As the ball is going to defend, the antennae isn’t bending in the correct direction.

Now I’m going to go and fix it.

Fun, times ahead.

Carl Jr, First Go

So this week we had Carl Jr to play with.

Our group decided to bring in the obstacle course and the ball with a tail.

We deleted most of the course to leave the leg on a diving board, which would then hop down onto the ball and splatter it.

This is my first attempt at Carl Jr.



  • Momentum – it looks like the leg has a parachute
  • Weight (again with the floating descent)
  • Overlapping motion with the diving board needs work