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Building a 3D Model


I find that taking videos of MAYA lectures tend to be very helpful, so i took this video of Alec explaining how to build the 3D designs:

maya making 3d  gif

I found this youtube video very helpful in learning how to build the polygons shapes:

lamp video tutorial

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I managed to make a boot!

(Although it is more of a Chelsea boot than a Desert boot).

It’s not identical to real thing, but I think it looks alright.

I didn’t put the eyelets or laces in, mainly because I kept putting the holes the whole way through the boot, and since I couldn’t put them in, I couldn’t really add the laces or it would look a bit bizarre.

At least this way it definitely resembles a shoe.

I can’t take it anymore!

I have tried. Multiple times. I – for the sake of my sanity – am trying no longer.

I don’t understand what is so complicated about a boxing glove. You have a cylinder (goes around the wrist), a sphere (where the fist goes) and then a weird little thumb part- that’s it!

Yet, for some reason I cannot for the life of me put it all together.

I did end up with this, and I figure that that is the best it will get. It reminds of a cartoon bomb.

Boxing gloves
Boxing gloves

Below is what it should have looked like, but… yeah. I can’t really explain it.

Sally the Salt Model

Since I discovered how to use the middle mouse button and managed to make that pretty cool fan, I figured I should go back and try to model the objects that I originally intended to.

I had chosen to model “Sally the Salt” shaker- star of my Youtube stop motion, (link is at the end of this post)- however, you may notice that she is missing her eye. That is simply because it took me long enough to get the simple shape of condiment container.

There were two new tools I learnt to use whilst creating Sally.

The texture tool and the tool to make holes.

Although, I’m not too impressed with the fact that the holes were square but I have yet to master the patience of making it more circular.

I used the Autodesk site for guidance on how to actually create holes in models, and a youtube video for guidance on textures.

Sally Snapshot
Sally Snapshot
Sally Model
Sally Model

Youtube video :


MegaBcoyle. (2011). MAYA 3D ModellingTutorial – Materials and texturing in Maya. Available: Last accessed 11th Dec 2014.

Deforming Using Lattice

So below I summarised the main steps in how to deform a polygon using the lattice that surrounds it.

1. Increase the subdivisions on the polygon in the attribute editor

2. Click Deformation tab

3. Click Lattice

4. In the attribute editor click the Lattice Shape and increase the subdivisions

5. Select Lattice > right click > lattice point

NOTE: The more lattice subdivisions = less of the polygon to be affected

NOTE: Ctrl key can allow you to deselect 

6. Edit > delete by type > history

NOTE: Lattice will then treat your deformed shape as an entirely new entity

Modelling with the Lattice
Modelling with the Lattice

Source : The CGBros. (2014). CGI 3D Tutorial HD: “Using Lattices in Maya” – by 3dmotive. Available: Last accessed 10th Dec 2014.

Link :


Tada! It took six hours (which is hard to believe but I did actually manage to concentrate that long- whilst watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), but I finally finished it! I’m also pretty chuffed about it.

It is a fan.
It is a fan. (In case you didn’t guess)

I placed a link below so that you can see it in action-
I forgot to mention…


Main thing that I had a problem with was getting the initial thin bar to go to each ring of the fan. I just found it tricky trying to select the vertices, and faces and then extruding them at the appropriate angle.

Video link :


ram4students. (2013). MAYA – Table Fan Modelling and Animation.Available: Last accessed 2nd Dec 2014.