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Second Maya Assessment Presentation

We had to make a room and present what we had learnt from Animation History.

For some reason our group was not the most organised.

We did try to come up with a room layout and Tasha and I had managed to start swapping objects, but that ended up getting tossed out the window when we saw Matthew had already started building a room with a bed.

Matthew ended up churning out tons of objects, and constructing a room, then realised that there wasn’t enough room for any of our objects. Eventually he was able to put them into the room and it looked pretty awesome as you can see in the presentation.

The modelling part was relatively straightforward (despite my struggles with the middle mouse button), we had the objects made, we just needed to put them in a room.

We left the presentation rather late in the day to get finished before despite it having been originally scheduled for the week previous.

I had originally started the presentation in Keynote as soon as possible, setting out the basic shape of the presentation so that we could just slot in our work when it was done, only it was difficult trying to get the work. Katie suggested I use Google Docs which I hadn’t really been familiar with, but as soon as it was on there and people understood what needed to go each slide then it was quickly filled with work.

The main thing we struggled with was the animation history. We didn’t have much else other than our notes from class, which is mainly the information on the slides, but Tena had more knowledge on Middle and Eastern Animation so she spoke about that. I thought I had a good grasp on the Chinese Animation, and Tasha like Japanese Animation so she took that slide.

When I started saying the Chinese Animation slide, I got confused between the pronunciation of two of the names that Tena had mentioned being influenced by A Da and Chang Guanxi, but thankfully she helped me out. I had made a note of it, but when I went to look at it after being fumbling with them I saw that it was smudged, and it was also poorly written considering I wrote it with my right hand (I’m left handed).

My notes (I forgot to mention the bit about Shanghai):

First Part
First Part
Second Part
Second Part

Everyone spoke on the modelling slides, chipping in their own experiences when they were trying to create the objects.

Below are the notes I made as a sort of guide for the slides of the powerpoint:

  1. First slide
  2. So, say about drawing, why you chose those objects
  3. Videos on modelling in maya that we used
  4. So when modelling the objects mention any issues that you encountered and how they were resolved
  5. Finished product
  6. Animation History
  7. Just a brief introduction
  8. Quick definition of each + add an example of eachNext four slides dedicated to artists.

Presentation : Maya Modelling and Animation History


  • Depth of Animation History (mainly Middle and Eastern Europe) was good, deeper knowledge than what was covered in class
  • Room should have skirting boards