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“FrailFred” Walk Cycle


[Fred Sketch]

[Fred walk sketch]

I wanted to have Fred walking, hunched over, and rather flat footed so he is stamping his way.


  • Started from the feet up
  • Got one foot moving as I wanted then did the opposite for the other foot (make notes on values used because it is very hard to remember and tedious to keep checking)
  • Check the leg movement and adjust if needed
  • Adjust the degree of hip swivel
  • Hunch the back and the shoulders
  • Animate the movement of the shoulders
  • Make the fingers curl in on themselves to look like the man has arthritis
  • Get the arms to swing starting at the top, down to the wrist (adjusted last)
  • Tweak any awkward movements

Starting out:

Feet movement (side view) :

Feet movement (front view) :

Hips (front view) :

Upper half (side view) :

Full body (side view) :


Feet (side view) :

Full Body (front view) :

Full body (perspective) :

Shoulders (front view) :

Full body (side view) :

Top half (front view) :

Hips (front view) :

Feet (front view):

Walk Cycle Research

I found these resources (cited below) to be particularly good in working out how to make the character walk not only believably but in a way that conveyed it’s persona.


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