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Christmas Spirit

Well, it’s December so I tried to make a Santa and no, he isn’t wearing a red suit, but I only had blank paper so sacrifices had to be made. Such is life.

Never tried to make a Santa before- and probably never will again. He gave me a paper cut and I wasn’t happy about that, that’s most likely why his name is an anagram of Satan.

Merry Christmas people.

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Linear Algebra – Vectors and Points

These are the notes I made on vectors.


Vector – represented array of numbers of any desired length. Usually has direction and magnitude

Tuple – another name for a the array of numbers. n-tuple = a vector of length n.

Linear Transformation – modifying a vector through a series of operations

Point – position in 3-dimensional space

Homogeneous points – addition of a fourth element e.g. Ph = (x, y, z, w). Used when multiplying points with matrices


  • By grouping the numbers, they represent something else relevant to the problem. In computer graphics Vectors represent either a position or direction.
  • Vectors can be thought of as arrows pointing in directions (get my maths book off Erin)
  • Both a point and vector can be represented by the tuple V=(x, y, z) were x, y, and z are real numbers.

Source of material :

Geometry : Points, Vectors and Normals FINISH LATER

I did visit the scratchapixel site.

The first lesson is 13 chapters long.

It was a good thing I did Additional Mathematics at GCSE level, even if I was a little rusty, because it meant that quite a lot of the geometry involved was at the very least, distantly familiar.

I shall go through it and make notes because otherwise it’l disappear from my mind, not much stays in there unless is drilled in.

Like Latin verb tables with Mr Reilly. I can still rhyme of the porto, portas, portat, portamus, portatus, portant stuff. It was good fun. (That means I carry, you carry, he carries etc). It goes on for a bit more but I’m not to waste my time having to convince autocorrect that it is intact the word I had meant to type- how weird is it that is more inclined to recognise abbreviations rather than an actual word from which the word that probably makes up the abbreviation is derived from.

Programming, anyone?

Greg posted this and I thought I’d give it a go.

I haven’t really done much programming since being Villier’s, although I tried using App Inventor 2 over the summer with my friend Jordan, but since then I haven’t given it much thought.

I actually don’t mind programming – when I get it right.

I find it terribly frustrating when something won’t work and I can’t seem to spot why, however, the only way to to reduce the likelihood of this happening is to practice.

I shall post whatever outcome I have at a later date.

Body Language Speaks Volumes

Found this rather helpful in giving a simple breakdown of how physical expressions can convey different emotions (thank you
Shannon O Hanlon for posting the link to it). I will definitely need to use this in the future.

It also helped me rediscover the word “akimbo” which I had forgotten that I knew and I find it to be quite amusing.

Cited source: Morris, S. J.. (2013). 41 Flavors of Body Language for Writers. Available: Last accessed 5th Dec 2014.