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Head Drawing Research

How to draw the human skull

This wasn’t actually helpful for the task, but as usual with youtube I was distracted by little thumbnails and I figured this would be a fun little thing to watch, and it was.



I found that this video was a bit rushed when trying to show the different steps of the drawing, as it would jump ahead and not really let you see what was done. However, I did up with a version I was happy with as I was drawing along with the video.

Clear step by step:

I found this to be more helpful in explaining the different steps of the drawing, what the basic shapes where and how you build upon them.

How to draw a portrait

I could never draw portraits before watching this video and after a this I ended up with a drawing that actually resembled the Andrew and not the creature from the Goonies. I had always tried to start with a clear outline of the facial features and work from there rather than starting light and using shading to bring out the different features. These three videos were really, really helpful.





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Data Visualisation Research

I went on to Ted Talks to see if there were any more videos on Data Visualisation, and if it would help our group to create their own charts to illustrate what data we found useful and how we actually used it.

I found that these videos were particularly helpful:

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The main commonality that I found was that the data was placed in context, in a way that made it easier to compute. You could grasp the scale of it, without it melting your brain.

Below were the results of me actually trying to utilise what I had learnt.

Figure 1:  This represents the population of one of the containers. So the top row is the breakdown of the housing, 450 single pods and 150 double pods. Then you have those suffering long term health complaints, so the largest amount are healthy and the the two brown tones are for the different health issues. (They were too small a percentage for me to label, but is the table that I got the data from and my calculations are in my folder). The bottom row is the breakdown of the different religions that make up the 750 people. It should be noted that we believe that the population would have their religions as their own private belief and therefore there would be no specific places to worship whatever they believe in- however, I did suggest about there being a wee chapel thing that there is in hospitals were people can go and sit. Although, we decided, that it wouldn’t be necessary.

Figure 2:  This represents the eight containers. So, the population of one floor would be 6000 people.

Figure 3:  This represents the 50 floors (and there are 50 of them) which totals 300000 people. We know that the population is less than that, but we wanted to ensure there would be some space left over to account for any increases in the population.

More Research

I also did some research into renewable energy, and some possible building inspiration like the design of the ship in Elysium.


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