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Presentation 3

Presentation: 15 Second Animation-week 10


  • Ending is obvious
  • Maybe have the T-Rex struggle to throw the rock
  • Dinosaur design needs to be balanced- see chickens
  • Walk cycle of the dinosaur is unnecessary and time consuming
  • Worked ourselves into a rut


  • New animatic:
  • Changed landscape
  • Altered storyline
    • Parasaurolophus’ playing with stones and accidentally knock T-Rex
    • T-Rex attempts to retaliate but fails due to tiny arms
    • Two dinosaurs launch a further attack for amusement
    • T-Rex surrenders

Back to the drawing board

This is the whiteboard of work that we came up with when trying to deconstruct our story and understanding how, or if, it conveyed what we wanted.

Mike also helped us restructure the landscape so that we didn’t have to animate the dinosaurs walking. We also got rid of the other parasaurolophus as it was literally doing nothing except taking up space.

11051799_410892965747421_8421712459288687631_n 1378742_410892945747423_3802378316473155699_n 11065612_410892929080758_3008266390794424334_n 1477975_410892892414095_4112316754455749654_n 11159991_410892875747430_916439467153953072_n 11156149_410892849080766_2868609152830497311_n 18925_410892825747435_10244330687182157_n 11152695_410892812414103_3360636515219668747_n 11414_410892799080771_285103435579904444_n

Computer Meltdown

I was supposed to be modelling the landscape but from the 11th of April I had been having issues with my Mac. For some reason it had just started getting slower and slower.

I keep getting the processor ball spinning around, (found out that it is referred to as the “BBOD” error A.K.A Beach Ball Of Death). I got in touch with my friends from Villiers again and they suggested that maybe I was having issues with my memory, but after checking that out it turns out that I have hardly used any of it.

There were no viruses on it, the memory was fine, I did that verify disk thing- it was grand, and my mind was slowly being lost.

Eventually, I had to wait five minutes or more for a response to clicking a button which is just ridiculous. I copied most of my files on to an external hard drive and somewhere between that and copying them to my PC I lost the majority of my files, which I didn’t realise because I was dumb enough to trust it was all okay and didn’t double check.

I had already wiped my hard drive and was in the process of trying to back my mac up to it when I realised my error. It was also apparent that the back up thing was going nowhere fast as it sat for an hour and made no progress, so I uploaded my remaining files to Dropbox, unplugged my hard drive and tried to put my Mac back to factory settings.

It all seemed to be going fine until it said to reinstall OS X, but then wouldn’t let me as it said there was no connection even though it clearly showed and I checked, that it was connected to the internet.

So I had to take it to the Apple shop – only one in the entirety of Ireland which I didn’t know- and they reinstalled it.

There were no underlying issues apparently, so it just decided to have a hissy fit on me. Thankfully, Ryan took over modelling the landscape so we weren’t behind and it looks rather cool.

Animation tests

Amy designed and rigged this T-Rex model, so I did some tests on it, just to see how it could move.

Head Test 01:

Head Test 02:

Mouth Test 01:

Mouth Test 02:

Mouth Test 03:

Tail Test 01:

Tail Test 02:

Working on the landscape

It is taking forever for me to do anything with this landscape. We have a crude plan of where the characters will go thanks to the little map here, and I’m mapping their positions with cylinders at the minute.

Two parasaurolophuses up a hill
Two parasaurolophuses up a hill

I’ve inserted Amy’s plants and my own T-Rex whilst she rigs hers, so that I can get the idea of the size of the creatures and environment in proportion.

I still need to adjust the scale so that it looks more realistic and add some lights in as the sky isn’t visible when the scene was rendered and the ground is a bit darker than what we wanted.

Updated Drawing Tutorials

Since our feedback from our second presentation we decided to change our character designs.

Our T-Rex is now primarily based on Amy’s design as we felt that is more expressive and we looked up some herbivorous dinosaurs that existed at the same time as the tyrannosaurs. We found the Parasaurolophus were from the same time and looked quite nice, so we chose them as the secondary characters in our animation.

Since we now have the two characters designs I did a quick drawing tutorial so that we could all sketch the characters and have them look the same.

T-Rex Drawing Tutorial:

Para Drawing Tutorial:

Dinosaur Models

I decided to try modelling our two characters so we could get an idea of what size they would be side by side. I had drawn this comparison initially using Amy’s design of the T-Rex and the design I did of the secondary character which is based off of a Parasaurolophous (a herbivore that is also from the Cretaceous Era).

Size Comparison Chart
Size Comparison Chart

Below is the original models that I made of our characters, although there were a few areas where it looked rather strange, as you can see from where there is a line on the T-Rex’s leg. I’m pretty sure that it didn’t help modelling it all in one go.

First Attempt
First Attempt

This was my second attempt at the T-Rex. The eyes, nose and mouth still need to be added though.

Second Attempt
Second Attempt