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Final Animation- With response to feedback

This is our re-rendered animation.

I have to say that I’m quite proud of it now that the sound has been added.

There is still a slight jump between scene 2 and scene 3, and we noticed that it seems to go slightly fuzzy as well but at the minute this is it finished. Amy had to sit and render the third scene frame by frame because when she batch rendered it for some reason the parasaurolophus would float off.

Ryan, Amy and I sat together and ensured that we had identical lights and ground textures so there should no longer be any inconsistencies. The day before we had tried to incorporate as much of Mike’s feedback as we could. Matthew wasn’t able to be in as he had to mind his brother, but we kept him up to date on what was going on and what we were going to do.

As he had put his files on the shared Dropbox folder we were able to quickly make the changes to his files as well as our own at the same time. It wasn’t really necessary for him to come in at that point as it was really just superficial changes that needed to be made and then we were setting the scenes to render.

I rendered scene 1 and scene 4 (which used to be scene 5 where the T-Rex is beaten with multiple rocks), Amy did scene 2, and 3, and Ryan rendered 5 (used to be 4) and 6 (used to be 7).

The following day, Amy and I came in and edited it together. Ryan was going to do it, but had an appointment s and wouldn’t be in until later, so we let him know and he sent us the scenes. By 12.30 it was almost finished, only the titles and credits needing to be added.

Amy had made a fantastic split screen in scene 3, which Mike had suggested, but it was awesome the way that when the T-Rex turned its head it almost looked as though it was shoving the Parasaurolophus out of the way.

For some reason when we tried to use Premiere to edit the scenes together the sky went black in our scenes. I put it into iMovie instead and found that the sky was still there so I put all the scenes together and then made up the soundtrack for it.

The background noises were from, the splashes were a water balloon from and the rest were simply taken from Garageband.

I then put the movie file on to Dropbox and Amy added the credits.

Tyrannical Terror


Blouhond. (2012). Calm Morning Outdoor Ambience. Available: Last accessed 12th May 2015.

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General Feedback on the class’ animations:

  • Work with technology not against it
  • Dislikes physical sun and sky
  • Maintain your vision in Maya, if it works on paper it should work in that
  • Test animation on target audience
  • Make sure the presentation works
  • Movie first then breakdown of process
  • Have one video per slide – and go full screen
  • Ask those with more experience for advice
  • Seasons to show long passage of time, night and day for short
  • Use an x-sheet to know what happens on each frame
  • The whole class is a team
  • Eyes are the window to the soul
  • When given feedback work with it, don’t ditch an idea

This is the feedback which we received for our presentation on our 15 second dinosaur animation.

  • Presented well, but turned back on audience
  • Issues with composition, texturing and lighting
  • No sound
  • No real evidence of how research influenced design
  • Nice to see application of the conventions of comedy
  • Have the T-Rex hold the flag e.g. using it’s tail, or hand?
  • Nice rig (all Amy’s work)
  • Hitting rock with tail is a nice sequence
  • Good character design
  • Issues with staging (scene 5)
  • We got a laugh for the first time, it was longer on play-blasted version

Additional feedback from Mike:

  • Titles on the opening scene obscure the characters, fade it out sooner and also have it fade in at the start
  • Horizon line in scene 2 jumps
  • Prolong the shot of the splash in scene 2
  • Parasaurolophus’ arms raise as his head moves, correct this, keep the stationary
  • Have close ups of the parasaurolophus anticipating the rock hitting the T-Rex’s head and the T-Rex’s reaction to being struck on the head (scene 3)
  • Swap scene 4 and 5, so rock attack precedes retaliation
  • Where does the rock the T-Rex tries to throw come from? Insert a shelf or something that it will come from.
  • When throwing a lot of rocks, have camera to the other side, and at the end have the T-Rex looking off towards rock that it will throw with narrowed eyes
  • For failed throw zoom out from bouncing stone to angry face- don’t have it getting angry
  • Have more pull back on the arm prior to throw
  • Cut to face tracking stone’s fall
  • Cut to ripples in water
  • Cut to disheartened face- could end it there
  • There is no real need for the flag scene at the end
  • Maybe should of had something jump out of the water and eat the parasaurolophus or have a pterodactyl swooping down and crying it off
  • The timing is what makes it funny to him