DD Reflective Essay

Reflection on the process

A lot was covered over these passed few months.

For a while I believed it was going to be impossible for me to make anything that looked quite decent, until the issue with my middle mouse button was resolved. I still can’t believe for that, for at least two months, I was merely clicking on the wrong part of the screen. I sometimes astound myself… I really do.

I showed my granny my first bouncing ball animation, and she said, “Is that it?” I think she was expecting something of the quality of Happy Feet, but eventually, I impressed her with my second obstacle course animation. I think she realised that Happy Feet quality is a while away yet, and she could see how quickly it had went from struggling to get a ball to bounce and not turn into a rugby ball, to having an arm tossing a ball with a tail onto a half pipe.

I also believe I am getting the hand of modelling- despite the struggle with the middle mouse button. I quite like that aspect despite the frustration of accidentally clicking and moving the wrong vectors or faces and pulling them into odd positions.

I believe I have improved in my storyboards (thanks to Mike). I think I had drawn three versions of the slug storyboard until it was deemed “good”. I learned that I should try to illustrate everything in in the storyboard, but be aware of the staging. I should not jump around with my camera angles just so I could see what was happening because it was only confusing to others, and that you should never set up cameras so that they would be visible to one another. Then I learnt about filling the screen and not leaving too much empty space, and to illustrate anticipation for when something is going to happen, by adding lines to the body of the slug it made it more obvious that it was crouching down in preparation for a jump.

Reaction to week 12 feedback

I think our entire group was rather pleased with the feedback we received.

We had put a lot of effort into our room, with Matthew getting very enthusiastic and creating a vast array of items, and I managed to create a fan. (That actually moves and oscillates!) It is a shame we forgot to think about skirting boards, like the majority of other groups, but it looked rather well all the same.

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