CE Reflective Essay

Reflection on the process

Over the course of the last few months we covered a surprising amount of material, but what I actually surprised me was the fact that I was able to retain most of it.

I generally find that most of the information I get taught disappears as soon as I hear it, but because I was then required to apply what had been taught over the course of a week or two, I found that I could then recall it much more easily.

I have also noticed an improvement in drawing (thanks to Mike) and have started drawing things in a larger size- although, they do occasionally shrink, but I am getting there.

The only thing that bugged me was the fact that I wasn’t aware of the Animation Belfast website where I could access the reading list. It would have good if I knew about it and was able to do some of the reading over the summer, even if I couldn’t find all the books without access to the university’s library.

Reaction to week 12 feedback

In response to the comment about ensuring that we have proof for anything we state, we should have checked all the slides again before presenting, I know that I never noticed it when we were  putting it together. However, with hindsight I rather think it was just worded incorrectly.

We chose to use PCs as the platform for our game because it was the most appropriate one for the user to interact with. It is my experience that mobile games, whilst they can be popular very quickly, are more of a passing fad and people soon lose interest. Since we wanted to have a game that would have a sustained fan base, we chose to target those which use computers as they would have a long term investment in the game. Once it was purchased, there would be the incentive to play the game for a prolonged period because they would not like to think they wasted their money on something.

Also, we were contemplating having a companion application, I think we may have stopped presenting the slide before that where we listed future improvements we would have wished to make to the game. I did try to create a mobile application using App Inventor 2 (which is primarily android intended) however I found it too difficult to try and use as there was a strict limitation on the placement of buttons making it unresponsive on the intended areas which was most unfortunate and frustrating.

All in all, I was pleased with the final outcome of the project considering the difficulties we experienced with time management and communication in the previous Title Sequence project. It was a much more balanced and cohesive effort.

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