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Character Models

I only have the model done for the seagull at the minute.

I tried to texture him with mixed results haha


The first attempt was worse though…

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 00.27.06.png

…dont even know how I went that wrong.

[Insert Malcolm]

[Insert Officer Dolos]

Current Showreel

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TzXE-dOwFA

I kept my showreel modelling specific since that is the area I’m interested in. I haven’t got any wireframe renders yet, I have some stills of my models with wireframe on them on my website.

Alec gave me some feedback on my showreel and suggested that I put in my animation stuff as well, so I’ll do that after the interview since I’d be going for a modelling job and I’m trying to keep it relevant to that.

Edward suggested I move the lights a bit on the pagoda model as it can overwhelm some of the detail.

I also want to render my 2CV with a texture on it, I think it would look quite well, hard surface modelling is definitely something that I want to improve on.



I tried to keep the scene as tidy as possible.

I divided the world into four different sections.

North, East, South and West platforms, with a bridge related to each. In the centre was a group for the Castle, forts, globe and base.

Underneath the bridge group, there was the platforms; Fort, Village, Farm and the City. Each platform then had buildings grouped to it.

I would have screenshot it, but my mac is struggling to open the file at the minute.