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Lip Sync Redone


This time I stuck to what the book suggested and started planning it all out then doing the core poses of the face- though I’m really only focussed on the mouth for what Amy and I have planned.


These are the key mouth shapes that are made when the line, “Here’s an FYI, you’re all gonna die screaming” is sung.


















I have sketched out what shape the mouth should be in when making these sounds in my sketchbook. I used the images I had found for mouth shapes, and reference footage that I had taken to get the most accurate mouth movement.



Lip Synch

First attempt

I tried to get the mouth shapes for the various words that the character has to say, but then I realised that I was making more work for myself because I would then have to adjust all the key frames on the time slider for the various facial muscles to fit them in the correct time frame.

Starting Out: https://youtu.be/lX8FYmyougw

Full Length: https://youtu.be/8AyrVfouMQg

Second attempt

This time, I added the audio into the maya scene and adjusted the time slider so that I would be focused on one word at a time, ensuring the timing was correct before moving on to the next word.

Video: https://youtu.be/hdEuY6X1sUc

There’s already a clear improvement from the first attempts, however, it noticeably falls out of sync towards the end. I had been so focused on moving the lips that I forgot that the chin moves as well when people speak, so when I went back to add it in, it interfered with the lip movements.

The book cited below really helped to plan out and then improve my lip sync, although, when I only got it after I had initially got the rough shapes, so I used it to tweak the movements.

I’m going to start again, so there is a good foundation to build upon.


Roy, K. (2014). Facial Animation. In:  How To Cheat In Maya 2014. Oxon: Focal Press. p246-p260.

Halloween Tutorial

I did this little Maya Tutorial, it was pretty fun.

Tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKY0hV1Sa7w&list=PL8hZ6hQCGHMX2C9aGrq7W7BTexycyyokV


Added stencils moving :https://youtu.be/9jJcmuNPOH4

Error videos:

I had parented pumpkin 1 to spinning disc 2 and vice versa: https://youtu.be/NEIHWt4FNAM

I think this was because I hadn’t placed the pumpkins https://youtu.be/lAqD0tKLgoQ



Maya Learning Channel. (2014). Creating an animated pumpkin carving.Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKY0hV1Sa7w&list=PL8hZ6hQCGHMX2C9aGrq7W7BTexycyyokV. Last accessed 22nd Aug 2015.

Camera Test 01

I did this to check that I had the camera moving at an appropriate pace, and that everything would be in shot.

I used the locators to place where the photographs would be and to give me an idea as to whether or not they were shown for long enough.

This test also highlighted the fact that the ground outside the window is actually visible and so I had to make up an environment.

Link: https://youtu.be/zTXyzhbqFz4

BNS Set Textures


Well this is just a bundle of joy.

Essentially, at the end of this adventure to model the ears and get them looking okay whilst attached to the head I discovered I had some strange deformation on the model when I smoothed it.

I tried deleting these strange shapes but that only seemed to exacerbate the problem.

It turns out, at some point, I duplicated the head. So there was a head inside the head and I was deleting faces off of each of them. So now I have to pick one and go with it.

It was also lovely trying to model the ear. I ended up using the tutorial by _ for the ears. It was just a little too vague on the maya autodesk one for me to follow, mainly because the ear I was using was a fair bit more complicated.

The nose wasn’t too hard. Actually it was quite straight forward.

I just like to make things difficult for myself though, and I decided to try and rename the images I was using for reference whilst in maya, leading to them becoming inactive. Nothing showed up in the files when I loaded them and you could not click the files to reinsert them.

I then had the originals on my phone so I blue toothed them over. Then I remembered that I had cropped the images so they didn’t have unnecessary background, somehow this seems to have effected the scale so the images no longer fit my model.

Hopefully it will look better when it’s fixed, although I remain unconvinced that it actually looks like Andrew, but at least his head is no longer in the shape of Dirk the Daring.